Runners, Cyclists Zoom Through Brunswick Forest

May 14, 2012
Brunswick Forest

Bikers after participating in the Zoom through Brunswick Forest Event
By: McLeod Bass

The neighborhood of Brunswick Forest was overtaken Sunday morning by people biking and running all over the development.

The cause of the commotion was the third annual Lowes Foods Duathlon at Brunswick Forest.

The event, which contains a 5K run, followed by a 16-mile bike ride, then a two-mile run to finish, allows racers of all backgrounds to try their skill at a challenging level.

“I had never heard of a duathlon before,” said racer Karen Erickson of Wilmington. “I had heard of triathlons and aqua bikes where you swim then bike but never running and biking. Knowing that I wanted to get into cycling and eventually triathlons, this was the perfect entryway into a new aspect of racing for me.”

The event came to fruition three years ago, when event director Ed Fore desired to bring duathlons to the area.

“We came to the area ourselves as runners and riders, and also looking to places to live,” said Fore. “I met some property managers and one thing led to another and we talked about putting on a race here. We talked to them about a duathlon because there weren’t any in town.”

Race winner Shawn Kane’s strength is cycling.

“You just try to do the best you can and limit your losses,” Kane said. “Try to keep the runners from getting too far out of sight then hit the gas on the bike. Then hang on for the last run.”