Dock Dogs Coming Soon!

May 17, 2019

Dogs have been described as “man’s best friend,” and it’s easy to see why. Dogs have become an integral part of many people’s active and healthy lifestyles, becoming just as close to us as our own family members. With plenty of amenities like walking trails and dog parks, living with your four-legged friend is a perfect fit in a master-planned community like Brunswick Forest. With that being said, Brunswick Forest could not be more excited to host the DockDogs competition at Annsdale Park on June 1st and June 2nd!

Often described by many as the fastest growing sport on four legs, DockDogs is an enticing event for any individual or family who loves dogs! While the event will be held at Annsdale Park inside Brunswick Forest, there will be a convenient shuttle service going to and from The Villages shopping center. This way, you can get in on the action no matter where you are. Open to the public, DockDogs will feature three very challenging events for dogs of all breeds!

Timed events bring a certain sense of tension to any competitive event, and the Speed Retrieve is no exception! This is the newest addition to the DockDogs competition. Instead of measuring a dog’s ability to jump, this spectacle is all about speed in the water! A bumper toy is suspended in the water, and each dog is given sixty seconds to leap from the dock and retrieve it. The dog with the fastest time wins the event!

Where the big air challenge was a long jump for dogs, the extreme vertical is essentially a high jump competition! A dog will start off at a certain mark on the dock and will be tasked to jump vertically into the air to retrieve a bumper toy. This toy is suspended from a mechanical arm over the water. Starting height for this challenge starts at 4’6’’ and increases in 2’’ increments as the event goes on. Dogs that jump the highest take home the prize!

An exciting event that many people around the world love to share with their canine friends, the DockDogs challenge will have you on the edge of your seat. Seeing which dog and handler will be crowned the champions in their respective events is fun for people of all ages. Events like these are what help to bring a community together, so come on out to Brunswick Forest and get your dog days of summer off to a riveting start. Show your support for our furry friends and maybe make some new friends by doing so!